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We are your one-stop travel consultant and personal assistant for your company travel needs and requirements. We offer you fast, efficient and professional services that live up to your company standards and go beyond! We will personally tailor your company travel arrangements to fit in with your company policy and budgets.

Why Savvy Secret Travels?


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  • We arrange all travel and accommodation bookings for employees and company guests
  • We serve as a general resource and point of contact for travel-related issues, and assist employees with travel-related issues or concerns
  • We research, negotiate, and secure the best rates with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels
  • We review and ensure all contracts for appearances include necessary specifications
  • We act to ensure safe and efficient travel operations, in accordance with organisational policies and guidelines
  • We receive and respond to incoming travel requests on behalf of your organisation
  • We arrange special projects and assignments as directed
  • We work closely with your events management company.
  • We handle incentive travel management for the employees that have worked hard for those special awards.
  • We organise special travel excursions for your company guests
  • Best of all - we guarantee you great savings with your corporate travel, as we find the best prices with the affiliated membership programs.

Organisational Relationships


Corporate Travel








Savvy Secret Travels works in conjunction with all related employees in your Finance and Human Resource departments to ensure accurate, complete, and timely processing of travel requests and travel expense reports monthly or whenever requested.





We are your personal travel Coordinator to help with ALL your travelling needs and requirements. We offer the best professional, fast, efficient service guaranteed, with our friendly and flexible solutions.

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