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Lay-Bye Your Holiday or Cruise” for your Next Adventure! - Interest Free!

Are you Cash-Strapped, Don’t have a Credit Card or just never thought of Saving for a Holiday?

You have come to the Right Place! Savvy Secret Travels Introduces:

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To find out more of How "Our Lay-Bye Your Holidays & Cruises Work Click on this Link "Lay-Bye Your Holiday"

Are you Cash-Strapped, Don’t have a Credit Card or just never thought of Saving for a Holiday?

You have come to the Right Place! Savvy Secret Travels Introduces:

Lay-Bye Your Holiday” for your Next Adventure! - Interest Free!

Check out Our Video to Learn more! 

So, what does this mean and how does it Work? You can Now pay off your Holiday whether it is an African Safari, Island Holiday, Holiday Overseas or a Cruise with a Small Minimal Deposit and Price Freeze (Except Flights) your holiday and no added Interest that mean 0% Interest and the beauty is You are Debt-Free after your Memorable Holiday. Is that not amazing?

Let us explain how it work!

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 You Pick or Choose Your Holiday, Cruise or Even Custom Make your Tailored Holiday and we do a Quote for You!                              Accommodation, Holiday Packages, Cruise, Travel insurance, Sightseeing & Guided tours activities          



Deposit Hands

    Step 2 

 Then Pay the Minimum required deposit to be able to secure Your Holiday or Cruise and we will Work out a Payment plan that suit Your Budget or Choose Our Recommended & Guided Payment Structure. Just remember all Payments Must be Done at Least 65 Days Before Travel for Land Holidays and 95 Days Before Departure on Our Cruise Deals.


Payment PlanStep 3                   

   You then start Paying off on your Holiday or Cruise on one of Our Affordable Payment Structure or the One that suit You! It can be over 3, 6 12, 18 or 24 Months – depends on when is your date of Departure, but don’t stress we are here to advise and Guide you!... And Remember you will be paying a Monthly Payment with No Interest! – Yes, that is Right “Interest -Free”            


Travel Documents


  Step 4

 By this Time your Total Holiday or Cruise is Fully Paid- up and then You will receive Your Travel Itinerary, Vouchers and all Necessary Travel Documents so that you can have a Smooth Ease-Sailing Holiday!  and Debt- Free. But Savvy Secret Travels will also Assist and Guide you as we will Hold Your Hand every Step of the way!


 Island Holiday

  Step 5

Now it is time For Happy Packing and  You go and Enjoy that Dream Holiday and your Next Travel adventure and Come Home with No Travel Debt! and only  Memorable Travel Stories! and 



Who Said you that Dreams Cannot become a Reality?

"Lay-Bye Your Holiday" from only R50 a Day  (T & C Applies)

"Interest Free and Travel Debt Free" 

you can Travel to all Your Travel Bucket List Destinations. So, what are you waiting for?
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Savvy Frequent Asked Questions




How Do The "Lay-Bye  Your Holiday" Work?

You Can Select any Holiday Or Cruise and any additional Activities that goes with Travels from our Wide -Variety of Holiday Offers that we Have or You can even Tailor-Make your Holiday that suit your Budget. Once you selected your Dream Holiday you will then pay the Minimum Deposit that is required to Guarantee the Travel Booking and Secure your Holiday ( Except  Holiday Packages that have Flights included as Flights Prices Fluctuates all the Time and we cannot Guarentee prices of Flights from Airlines) But Speak to one of our Consultants!


 Over How Many Months can I Lay-Bye my Holiday or Travels?

Once you have Paid the Required Minimum Deposit to secure your booking, you can Lay-Bye your Holiday from 2 -24 months with "Interest Free Payments"  whatever suit you and what makes you Comfortable with the Payment Plans as Long as Full Payment is Made Between 50 -65 Days Before Departure of Land Holiday Packages and 95 Days Before Cruise Departure Dates. But our Consultants at Savvy Secret Travels will Guide you and we have your Best Interest at Heart!  Please note: If Flights are included in the Holiday Packages The Flights and Minimum Deposit for the accommodation must be paid and the Balance over the months that remain before Departure, But we also have solution to that. (See our Terms and Conditions) 


What is The Payment Options and Payment Methods?

You can Pay Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly whatever suit you and what makes you Comfortable.You can now choose any one of our Secure Payment methods:

  • Secure online Card Payments with any Visa Mastercard or American Express Debit or Cheque Cards ( Must be 3D Secured)
  • Direct Deposits Via EFT into our Business Bank Account. 
  • Direct Cash Deposits into our Business Bank Account.
  • SID Payments (Electronic EFT from your Bank Nominated) - Only For South Africans)
  • Masterpass Payment Methods 

Please Note all Lay-Bye payments will Be transfered to Our Special Lay-bye Business Account.


When is the First Instalment Due and Can I pay more Frequent then what we have agreed Upon?

Your First Instalments is Paid the next month after you have paid your Deposit. And Yes off Course you Can pay anytime for Your Travels which will be deducted from the Balance of Your Lay- Bye Account. So the more frequent you Pay the Lower your Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Instalments will be. We Very Flexible!


What are the Change and Cancellation Fees and Conditions?

Please note any changes to your Travel bookings must be done in Writing via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whether it is Cancellation or changes to your Travel Intinerary. With regards to Cancellations of your Travels you will Forfeit 100% of your Deposits and an Administration Fee from Savvy Secret Travels and Third Party Suppliers Terms & Conditions Fees. Please read our Terms & Conditions for Change Fees. There will Be no Charges if any Payments including Deposits have Not Commenced.


What if I Miss a Payment?

We will Restructure your Minimum Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly instalments or Whatever suit you as long as the Full Total Balance is Paid before the Stipulated agreed date. Like we said before Savvy Secret Travels is Flexible! But also Note that Full payment must be received at the stipulated date. (Read our Terms & Conditions)

How will I Know what I Paid?

Savvy Secret Travels have now Got an Online Invoice with Your Own Login and Secure Password that directs to you to a Secure page where you can view your Invoices and Statements and Upload all your Proof of Payment as well and see your Balance outstanding. These Invoices and Statements will also be Emailed to you as well.

Have we not covered any other Concerns or Questions?

We are only a Phonecall Or Email Away!  Please contact us on: +27 (0) 87 551 08 00 or Email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Savvy Secret Travels Introduces their Online Flight & Accommodation Booking Website

 If you Book Any International Flights , Any Travel Packages Or any Cruises From the 5th March to 30th June 2018 you will get a R100 off your Travels So Don't Delay and Book Your Travels with Us !

  ( Terms and Conditions apply)

Savvy Secret Travel Online Flight Website New Click Here

New Website


We have tried to make it as User Friendly as possible with so much information for the Traveller that many are not even aware of because this website is packed with information that comes straight from the Airline rules and Conditions and we made it Transparent  just click on the  information Button:on Our online Website and you can see all The Airline Rules and Conditions and there are so many more added Features searching with or without Baggage, you can Email or Print your Flight Quotes and What is even More Exciting on Certain International Flights you can now Choose Your Seat beforehand no more waiting until Check-in. But Wait you can Now Reserve your Flights until 4pm on day of Reservation at No Extra Charge!!. But if you want more information Check out Our Added Benefits and our Frequently Ask Questions. Click Below!


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Always Check For our Flight Specials wether you going on a Business Trip, Family Holiday Adventure or Personal travels.

We Always Strive to give you the Best Service at the Best Prices!!

Please Note: The Earlier and Quicker you Book you avoid "SOLD OUT"  tickets on Promotional Prices

Terms & Conditions

  • Fares includes service fee and Taxes
  • Includes check-in & seat Reservation upon Check-in ( Terms & Conditions)
  • Limited seats available on selected flights on a first come, first served basis
  • No group bookings available on promotional fares
  • Offer is subject to availability of seats aand Ticket Category at time of booking. 
  • Special events, long weekends (Fridays and return Sundays) and peak flights are excluded
  • Subject to airline terms and conditions

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