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• Reserve your Booking at no Extra Charge until 4pm on the day of reserving your Flight ticket (Payments Must be Made no Later Than 4pm unless otherwise stated – Terms & conditions will apply)


• You can either Email or Print your Flight quotes to your Friends and Family before you book (Just remember that Prices can fluctuate and change due to availability and Currency exchange) So if you find your Flights Reserve it until 4pm on day of reservation.


• Especially for International Flights if we find a Better Deal on Flights you have reserved based on Better Time Schedule or Price, we will Notify you immediately before Paying for your Flights (Terms & Conditions Apply)


• On the initial Search we have Google maps integrated so that you can see where the airport is situated or see how far it is from Your accommodation etc- an Added benefit


• If you Do not know the name of the Airport in a certain Country or place you can first search the Country and then from there you can find the Nearest airport of the destination you would like to Visit.


• You Can check flights for alternative dates for the Lowest Prices


• You have the option of our Dropdown Time Menu in the time to choose your desired time and Time layover (Transfer) for the same price on the Ticket display.


• On Most International Flights depending on Seat Class and Airlines you can Now choose your free Seat on the Flights – No more Waiting for Check- in.


All Fare conditions of the Flights are made available on our Search engine especially the Cancellation cost and if your ticket is refundable or not. And Baggage information with Direct Links to the airline you Are booking.


• You can also search now for Airline Membership Flights only if you belong to Certain Rewards Programme, this can be found on the Left of the Filter flight options


• You will be automatically be registered with Savvy Secret Travel Flights so no additional Forms to be Filled in – and now you can view all your current or old Trips online and get the added benefit becoming part of our exclusive membership deals.


• All you Flight Itinerary and E- tickets can now be found on our Viewtrip Application on any Computer Laptop, Notebooks Cellphone etc a link will be sent to when you reserve your Flight Tickets and E tickets will be available when you Paid for your Flights.


• Added Benefit you can also Download the Viewtrip app on Your android or iPhone so that you have all your Travel Plans in one Place where you can add other travel plans like accommodation and sightseeing activities etc and you have your whole itinerary in one place – how Cool is that! – and it have added service Like Weather reports, Currency Exchange, Visa advice and Health advice for Travelling in different Countries and this is for both the internet version on Computers and the app on your Cellphones, Tabs etc.


• Any Changes in flights will automatically be updated on the Viewtrip Applications.


Our prices is what you see is what you pay No additional cost added to the Flights, Unless you Book your accommodation or any of other additional Travel Service as well.


• You can Now Also Book your Accommodation on our site.


• We offer different Methods of Payment such as:
1. Invoice (This is sent to you Via our Offline Portal or one our Travel Consultants will email you)
2. Direct Transfer to our Holding Bank (Nedbank)
3. 3D Secure Card payments (Credit, Cheque & Debit Cards- Must be 3D Secure
4. American Express (Also 3D Secure)
5. Masterpass
6. SID (Electronic EFT from your Bank Nominated)


A travel consultant will not only assists during the time of reserving a trip and the trip itself but also provides help and support in the event of potential problems. Savvy Secret Travels supports its clients 24/7 on +27 (0) 87 551 08 00 – Local & International

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