Travel Coordinator and Travel Agent - What's The Difference?

Your question: Why is Savvy Secret Travels calling themselves travel coordinators / consultants  and not travel agents?

The answer: Because Savvy Secret Travels’ services are different to that of brick & mortar Travel Agencies. We invest and specialise in travel services that will ALWAYS benefit YOU as a valuable client!

How: We will act as your advocate from planning and research, right through to welcome home returns.  We are not contracted to any one supplier (resort, airline, tour guide, cruise line, etc).  We get to know you, and develop a personal relationship with you.  We are focused on your experience and your client satisfaction. We do thorough research to get the most amazing travel experience for you, with your budget in mind.

We treat all our clients the same - so it doesn’t matter if you just want to book flights or bus services with us, or ask us to design your entire dream destination holiday. You are never just a number in our organisation - you are our valuable client!

Still unsure what Savvy Secret Travels can offer you? We offer unbiased information with regards to travel, as we do thorough research through client surveys and client reviews. We take into consideration others’ personal travel experiences so we can give you facts, to help you navigate successes and pitfalls for your full travelling experience.

We at Savvy Secret Travels want you to have an amazing travel experience which is as smooth and enjoyable as can be. Nothing in life is ever completely glitch-free - but Savvy Secret Travels is your personal travel coordinator, and we want to be your personal helpline! We are not obligated by company policies to sell you something which doesn't suit you for your specific journey. We take your travel needs into consideration, because each and everyone has specific requirements with regards to your itinerary, your budget, and your own vision of travel.

Our name says it all – we will get you to become a Savvy Traveller, and give you all the secrets for your ultimate travelling experience, such as how you can qualify for special services or discounts, upgrades for flights and accommodation, hidden destinations and where your currency will give you better travel experiences. By working with us, you will be getting our honest and unbiased opinion, expert advice, and tips and tricks for your travels.

We make sure you have all contact information, confirmation numbers and a cost breakdown for every day of your itinerary. You won’t run into any surprises on the ground when you have your personalised, thorough, detailed travel pocket guide in hand

These are the reasons that Savvy Secret Travels is your personal travel coordinator, and not you’re your travel agent. We don’t just book your trip, we cover all the essentials for your travelling needs -  above and beyond what travel agents offer.

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What's the difference between a travel agent and a travel consultant?

A travel agent...

A travel consultant...

Makes bookings.

Collaborates with clients to research, plan, and book trips. Looks out for his clients to make sure all goes smoothly both before and during their trips.

Can look up clients in a computer profile.

Gets to know his clients.

Focuses on the transaction.

Focuses on the client relationship.

Suggests options that pay the highest commission.

Suggests options that best meet the client’s needs.

Is a specialist in booking travel.

Is a specialist in travel, based on extensive personal experience.

Finds deals.

Finds the best options to meet the client's goals and preferences.

Expects clients to know what they want.

Is available to help clients make decisions.

Books whatever room or cabin is available in the computer system.

Attempts to secure upgrades or other perks when possible.

Is an agent for his suppliers.

Is an agent for his clients. 

(Paraphrased from Richard Turen in Travel Weekly)


We are your personal travel Coordinator to help with ALL your travelling needs and requirements. We offer the best professional, fast, efficient service guaranteed, with our friendly and flexible solutions.

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