A Delay is Better Than a Disaster

So, what do I mean by this? I mean Flight Delays and we all know we hate it when we are told that the flight is delayed because now we must spend more time at the Airports especially on those long international Flights and yes how many of others have experienced this before. But After watching the movie “Sully” I can fully understand why the Captains (Main Head Pilot) of the Flights and Airport Officials refuse to let the Aeroplane take off especially when there are engine problems.

Savvy Secret Travels Online Flight and Accommodation Booking

Savvy Secret Travels Introduces their Online Flight & Accommodation Booking Website

 What makes Savvy Secret Travels Online Flight & Accommodation Booking Website Different from the rest?

Tips & Tricks for Savvy Travellers - Understanding Your Boarding Pass

Boarding passes may seem like just another bit of junk paper to toss as soon as they’ve served their purpose, but those boarding passes contain information that can be useful to bad guys and harmful to you.

Travel Coordinator and Travel Agent - What's The Difference?

Your question: Why is Savvy Secret Travels calling themselves travel coordinators / consultants  and not travel agents?

The answer: Because Savvy Secret Travels’ services are different to that of brick & mortar Travel Agencies. We invest and specialise in travel services that will ALWAYS benefit YOU as a valuable client!


We are your personal travel Coordinator to help with ALL your travelling needs and requirements. We offer the best professional, fast, efficient service guaranteed, with our friendly and flexible solutions.

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